From 2018

the history of meat lovers

Steam comes from the love for the meat

From the careful selection of beefs to the care in choosing the best cuts from Italy to Japan, passing through Spain, Masuria, Ireland and Finland.


Your food experience by us will be like a journey and our meat will make you fall in love.






Niky & Andrea


In our kitchen we work with a charcoal oven that allows to give the meat that bbq flavor that Andrea, the restaurant owner with his wife Barbara, has always wanted to bring to the table.

Furthermore, our grill-chef continually learns about new meat-aging methods and every week presents fine cuts of meat after letting them rest in an ever-changing way.

In addition to the second courses cooked on the grill, the menu also boasts appetizers, first courses and desserts that our chef prepares with care, always paying close attention to using local products alongside excellences from all over the world. 


An Art Nouveau villa of the late nineteenth century in the heart of the city where some structural parts of the restoration have been deliberately kept in view.

An anachronistic and eclectic style inside an historical setting inspired by the Victorian literature from which the restaurant takes its name.


ristorante e braceria

12.30 - 14.30

18.30 - 23.30






Enrico, Lorenzo, Andrea, Barbara, Nicola, Niky